Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is a piece done for my alternative media class. I had the crit today and it was a lot harder to get through without crying than I thought it would be. I've discussed this piece multiple times before and didn't have as much of an issue.
My aunt died at the end of January after years of battling drug addiction and alcoholism and in order to deal with my pent up emotions surrounding what went on around the issue since my childhood I decided to make work about it. There are 46 liquor bottles, 45 of which have notes and one which is still full of vodka. There are image transfers of old photos to replace the original labels and the notes inside are the things I never got to say, so nice, so not so nice.
I think that way it was so hard to talk about in its final installation is that in a way this was the last time I would ever spend with her, and seeing it at this level of completion and environment really made it hit home that it's over.

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