Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reference Images

So in the past few days I've been scouring old family photo albums and boxes full of loose photos and negatives and undertaking the task of scanning them pertaining to a thesis idea I have along with for general reference photo use. I've gone through and copied over 400 images in the past few days, here are a few examples of what I'm talking about.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This next one is the best piece I think I've done this far. Based around the idea of misrepresentation of people suffering from eating disorders I worked with around 50 images compiling them in a photo album in order to tell a story.
Here is part of my proposal I had to submit n order to get final approval for my idea:

For this final assignment I hope to tackle the issue of misrepresentation of people suffering from anorexia. My goal with this piece is to bring to light how society views people with eating disorders as nothing more than the disease but that in truth they are people first, they have a past, a family, goals, and spirits that live beyond the disease. I plan on juxtaposing images of people suffering from anorexia –not done in the traditional harsh light they tend to be displayed in but in a soft, loving manner with images of my cousin.

Sarah died from the disease when I was six, she was only 18 and is my main inspiration for this piece. The only memories I have of her are from when I was 4-6 years old and those were the two years where the disease took over. I want to try and get back to the way a child would see someone with this issue. I was always aware that she was ill and had it explained to me by my parents but because of the innocent child’s point of view I never saw her as the disease but instead as someone who I loved dearly without ever concentrating on the external. By using both redrawn images from old family photos, some photo reprints and articles about her life-birth announcement, write ups in the paper about things she accomplished in her youth along with her obituary and possibly some belongings of hers I now have in my possession. By putting these too styles of images together I hope to open a dialogue about how the disease and also facilitate some person closure.

The Following are a few images I've chosen from the book.

Here's a link to the rest of the images in the piece:

This was a piece I created for my creative component of my Reading Popular Culture final assignment. It was based around a paper about the exploitation of the female image in the media and the public perception of the 'perfect' female body image. Done on a mirror and through using collaged images of meat in to create a female face it goes along with a series of other works I've been ding and planning lately revolving a lot around the issues of eating disorders and the misrepresentation of identity.

Porcelain Dolls Finished

I haven't updated in a few weeks, been very busy finishing finally assignments and getting ready for exam time. So this is the first of a few posts with updated final pieces, unfortunately I forgot to take photos of a book I made for my creative writing class but I should be getting it back next semester.

This is my finished Porcelain Dolls piece. I'm pretty happy overall with how they turned out after a few snafus. I plan on expanding the idea and possibly doing some smaller scale pieces alone with mixing some sewn elements into others as soon as I get my sewing machine fixed.