Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Work

These are 2 more of the pieces I've done in the past week. I'm contemplating turning them or something alone the same lines into zines, and also plan on doing some in the series a lot larger possibly on drywall.

Monday, April 26, 2010

This is what happens when I'm supposed to be packing.
This is what happens when I'm supposed to be unpacking.
(Photo not the best quality, sorry :) )

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These are just a few doodles from past sketch books. I'm a constant doodler and am very rarely without one or at least page and a black pen. I'm currently working in smaller moleskins which I'll scan and put some images up from after school is through.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


One of many images or characters that continually reappear in my work and doodles are these figures or as I call them "Aliens Heads'. The below few images show the progression of the image, from the first rough pen doodles to the incorporation into a finished piece.
Done with paint pens on canvas paper, was doodling when the shape and association was created and then repeated multiple times.
Doodle number 2.

First finished piece using the image, done using a stencil, acrylic on wood(my favourite surface to work on). This piece was given as a gift to my brother.

Friday, April 16, 2010

These three pieces where done recently just for fun. Done in ink on watercolour paper and on a smaller scale. In general I tend to dislike drawing people but severely skinning/individuals with eating disorders have popped up in my work from time to time over the years, mainly due to past events in my family and personal experiences and struggles with food.

This is my final studio assignment for Contemporary Issues. Done on wood in acrylics with the use of stencils and using the idea of repetition, there are 29 pieces of wood, and Warhol as an inspiration. Usually I would go back and do touch up and make sure that each was exact but I wanted to add chance into the equation. Each step was done once with no tampering . It will be installed with nails on the wall, I'll take a picture the day of the critique and post it at a later date.

Another self portrait assignment. This one was from first semester and done for my painting class with Daniel Solomon. It's 48 by 48 on canvas, and done in very watered down acrylics. This piece was done a little out of my comfort zone at the time but I really enjoyed the size and want to continue on with this type of painting and technique. Usually I prefer working on wood due to the flat surface in order to get even blocks of colour but this piece has altered my view on canvas and made me want to go back and experiment with the different surface. The top image is what was originally handed in but felt unfinished. We were allowed to go back to our assignments throughout the semester and rehand them in when we felt they were in more of a finished state. The piece as it stands now, although I'm not 100% sure it's fully complete is pictured below.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is one of a multitude of 'self-portraits'. I believe that everything I do is in essence a self portrait but once you've been made to do more obvious ones after a while, for me anyway, they become a little monotonous. This one in particular was done first semester this year for a drawing class. My prof was one who was very into realism so my work didn't always go over all that well. However I'd rather take a bad mark than do work that doesn't come from who I am.

Still not finished but an ongoing piece, the outline is what I handed in and was up till 5:30 the morning it was due to finish it that far.
I eventually decided to add colour to the piece, using the same small group of colours to fill in each section which has become a lot more time consuming than I had originally imagined.

This is currently where the piece is at. I haven't done much on it lately but intend to hopefully finish it this summer.

Old Works

A few of my favourite pieces done prior to university. (Photos are not the best quality sorry).

Piece done inspired by Henri Matisse

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