Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is one of a multitude of 'self-portraits'. I believe that everything I do is in essence a self portrait but once you've been made to do more obvious ones after a while, for me anyway, they become a little monotonous. This one in particular was done first semester this year for a drawing class. My prof was one who was very into realism so my work didn't always go over all that well. However I'd rather take a bad mark than do work that doesn't come from who I am.

Still not finished but an ongoing piece, the outline is what I handed in and was up till 5:30 the morning it was due to finish it that far.
I eventually decided to add colour to the piece, using the same small group of colours to fill in each section which has become a lot more time consuming than I had originally imagined.

This is currently where the piece is at. I haven't done much on it lately but intend to hopefully finish it this summer.


Kristina :) said...

I like the picture of Mandy.

Anonymous said...

I kinda like this piece as it is with the black and white. It makes the colour feel so much richer.