Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Final Thesis Work


Women whose lives have been taken over by the pressure to achieve the ideal female form, and develop eating disorders are often portrayed with very little humanity and kept as an other. Our society has been desensitized by the constant bombardment of images. This has left the focus on the shocking physical ramifications of eating disorders, leaving the people within the bodies to be lost.           
This installation, consisting of 19 large scale drawings and a box filled with family photos, objects, articles and drawings, strives to put the humanity back into the portrayal of eating disorder sufferers. Taking reference from photos accompanying articles, medical textbooks and from anorexia and bulimia based online communities, and juxtaposing them with family photos, the work pushes the viewer to see the person behind the emaciated body they inhabit.  The image of the healthy, very much alive person is seen through the keyhole like, shells of bodies that have pushed to the edge.

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