Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Current Project

So due to my continued unemployment, massive amounts of boredom and slight depression I've been doing a lot of art as of late. And by a lot I mean more than the usual massive amounts. My current big project will probably take over a week to do at the most if I can manage to keep up my current work pattern. I'm again working on drywall which is growing on me as a work surface. There will be three panels but the piece continues and flows into each one creating one large piece about 4 feet by 7 3/4 feet. Today I managed to get the first completely drawn out and have now started the second and smaller panel. Tomorrow/today I hope to get the rest or at least the majority of the base drawing finished.
The finished first, which is actually the last/third, panel.
The massive amount of work I have ahead of me.

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